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Groundwater fortifying rural communities across Africa

The awareness around groundwater needs is on the rise all over the world right now. Forest fires hitting parts of the US where citizens have relied on surface water for centuries are now creating the infrastructure and research necessary to utilize this precious resource. In this article, a hydrogeologist in Ethiopia explains how this untapped ...

The Crew in Action

Our crew works hard, rain or shine, day or night, to see a project through until successful completion.  Here they are in their element drilling a high performance well for residents of Holiday Village near Bandera, TX.  

Randolph Air Force Base Project

The federal government allotted C & C Groundwater Services considerable funds to isolate crude oil contaminating a public supply water well at Randolph Air Force Base in San Antonio back in 2010.  The project required engineering some clever equipment and strategy to seal off the oil.  It was a rewarding project to participate in.

Water, Our Most Vital Commodity

Water! Our most vital commodity… Do you know where your water comes from? Here in Texas, our primary source is from underground aquifers. At any given moment, groundwater is 20 to 30 times greater than the amount in all the lakes, streams, and rivers of the United States. Facts compiled from our friends at the ...

Completion of Luckey Ranch Well this week

Another successful installation this week of a flowing Artesian Edwards well over at Luckey Ranch planned community near Highway 90 outside 1604.  The project engineer was Pape Dawson.  We were honored to complete this project on time and with expert service.  At first, C&C was tasked with filling the adjacent lake and pumping water to ...

CEMEX takes steps to greatly improve their water recycling methods at Texas plant…

CEMEX USA, a client we are proud to serve, is making great strides to conserve water at their Balcones Water Plant in New Braunfels, Texas.  Regulations keep a close eye on corporations using large quantities of water for their operations.  It’s great to see a large company like CEMEX incorporating water saving techniques on top ...

National Groundwater Awareness Day

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